Online book ordering

Who does not enjoy a good read? I for one really enjoy a good story packed in between two covers. Lately I have been buying books online, because they are a bit cheaper and there is a wide variety to choose from. I would recommend two providers – Bookdepository and Betterworldbooks.

Books ordered from Bookdepository are always a few euros cheaper than your local bookstore. They always arrive in a neatly packed package and the delivery is very fast. They are located in Great Britain, they usually arrive at my address in a week or so. Thanks to them, I’m expanding my Dan Simmons collection, not to mention the Game of Thrones saga. A book I ordered a few months ago came with some smudges and was a damaged a bit. My complaint was solved without any problems after providing them with a picture of the book. They were really nice and decided to gift me the book. I will definitively order from them again.

Betterworldbooks offers used books for specially low prices. Most of these books come from closed libraries around the world. They are a bit used, but you always know what you are buying. The state of each book is described from almost untouched to very used. The prices vary accordingly. But the best part is – for each book you buy, they donate one to Africa. So in a way, you are helping a bit to cure illiteracy in Africa. Their delivery time is a bit longer, because they are located over the Atlantic, but it is worth the wait.

And here is a special pro tip for you, dear reader. Bookdepository calculates the shipping costs depending from your location and adds it to the book price. Lets use the Carrion Comfort book for an example. If I order it without any proxies it costs me around 9 €. But if I use a UK based proxy, it is a bit cheaper – 8€. Nothing much, but other books might be even a bit cheaper. online book ordering


I would recommend both websites. Before buying, I usually check Betterworldbooks first and then compare the prices with Bookdepository. Sometimes you can get a really good deal. Enjoy your reading in the summer!

How to connect eclipse with

Bitbucket is a really neat service that provides git source control for your projects. I will cover the steps needed to connect your project to Bitbucket.

1. First off, create an account on Bitbucket and install eclipse, if you did not already. You need to install egit in eclipse, which is achieved by going to Help, install new software, select an update site in the dropdown menu, and search for egit. After the installation create an account on Bitbucket and create a new repository, by following the simple steps displayed on the website.


2. Now you need to create a new key. In eclipse go to Window, Preferences, General, Network connections, select ssh2, key management and then generate rsa key. Type in a passphrase and save your newly generated private key.


3. Go to bitbucket, click on manage account, ssh keys, add key and paste your key.


4. Remain on bitbucket, go to your new project repository and select “I have code I want to import”. You need to copy the ssh url displayed in the second line.


5. In eclipse, right click on your project, select team, share project and check “Use or create repository in parent folder of project” and then click the Create repository and finish.


6. Yet again, right click on project, select team, commit and make sure you check all of the files in the project.


7. Finally, you can commit to bitbucket by right clicking project, team remote and push. In URI paste the url from step 4.


8. Go into git repositories view, find your project, right click and select Paste repository path or URI.


9. Next to URI click Change, you should already have the filled window with your ssh url, so press finish.


10. Click advanced and confirm that you want to continue connecting. Write your passphrase and on the next window select the source ref, make sure you do not forget to click Add All branches spec, afterwards press finish.


11. Finally, you can now save and push.

Lenovo G770 Radeon 6650M drivers

Recently I have bought myself a new laptop – Lenovo G770. Of course first thing I did was to completely reinstall Windows 7, to start fresh without the Lenovo bloatware. All went well, until I tried installing the drivers for the graphics card. I tried downloading it from the official homepage, but without any luck. Their tool that detects the graphics card and gives you the correct driver, could not recognize the card!

The drivers from the Lenovo website are a few years old! I tried running a few games and the performance was really lousy. There is a way to mend this problem. This short how-to is written for those with a clean install. If you already have the default drivers installed, there is a way of uninstalling them, but it’s not that reliable. I would recommend, that you start fresh. There has to be many people with similar problems, so here is a quick tip on solving this problem. If you’re running a clean installation of Windows, make sure your have  Visual C++ 2012 runtime installed. Otherwise you might get an “AMD Catalyst Install Manager fail Application Install: install package failure!” error.

First off, you need to download the Unifl driver. This great tool will take care of your graphics related problems. After it’s downloaded, install it. If you are prompted to install a prerequisite, do that and wait for the computer to restart itself. After that, re-run the setup and click next. Make sure you select the modern option, just like in the screenshot. When this process is finished, you can now install the latest drivers. Unifl driver will take care of that also, just check the Launch AMD installation option. Follow the install procedure, if you get prompted about unsigned drivers, you can confirm it. After a reboot, you are done. Neat, huh?

lenovo g770

Visiting Stockholm

I was invited to visit Stockholm by my girlfriend and her schoolmates. They are studying Industrial Design and Stockholm hosted the very renown Design Week. They organized pretty much everything so I did not think twice before joining them. The trip to Budapest was very fun thanks to my walkie talkies, which helped revealing the true entertainers in our group.

Before landing I half expected near arctic temperatures and heaps of snow. Luckily the temperatures were about the same as home and they even had less snow that we did at that time. We stayed at a nice hostel and met some interesting random people. We did not have that much time to explore the city during the first night, but we did so on the next two days. Surprisingly to me, the Stockholm furniture and light fair was really interesting because they had some interesting technology and various products. They even had the sound station chair Beatnik which was made in Slovenia. I did see some similar chairs on the same fair, but they were not as good haha.

On the very last day, we mostly walked around and visited one of the most popular museums in Stockholm – Vasa museum. It really is impressive, with all of the models, digital projections and original ship parts. Sadly we were there  only for three hours, but it felt like only one has actually passed. Otherwise the city is pretty impressive with all its near futuristic buildings. People are really nice too, the cashier event gifted me one of his Snus baggie. That was also a fun experience, but more of that at some other time. The trip was pretty short but very enjoyable! Especially thanks to the people in our group.

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First time in Paris

Just got back from one of the best trips I’ve ever had – Paris. This was my first time in such a big city and I have to say, I was impressed. Apart from the sights,  the most impressing thing in my view is their transportation system. Apart from ours, you do not have to rush to catch the train, because you do not want to wait another 20 minutes for the next one. In Paris, you wait for two or three minutes and you’re on your way. We were warned several times about the notorious pickpockets that are in abundance on subways and near the sights. Well, at least we do not have those guys on our trains/busses :). Luckily I had no such problems.

The number of tourists is also very surprising. Everywhere you go, you are stepping in front of someone’s camera and vice versa. We intentionally got lost while searching for the Les Invalides museum, just to see a few streets where we were the only tourists. While lost we found a nice shop, bought some wine for the longest night in the year and sent our cards. I still cannot believe how much we walked during the short stay in Paris. While sightseeing we did not feel tired at all. At home though….

The New Year countdown happened at Champs-Élysées. Sadly it was a bit rainy but that did not spoil our moods at all. I just loved it, when they closed down the whole street, which was quickly filled with people. The police confiscate any glass bottles they find (understandable) so we had to pour the champagne into plastic bottles without them seeing us.

All in all, this was one fantastic journey and I am looking forward on repeating it soon. Next time, we are definitively going there on our own! And yes, there will definitively be a next time.

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Easy Python parsing

I believe I should start my first blogpost with a very useful link. By using the following tutorial, one can easily parse out data from tables. Remember to install the BeautifulSoup module before importing it to your project. This tutorial enables you to remove those pesky tags and extract your precious results. But you are not limited only to parsing HTML tables, you can do lots of more usefull stuff such as link extracting, navigating through tags, finding certain tags and much much more.

New to BeautifulSoup? Well, you are missing out on a lot! Visit the homepage by clicking the image below.

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