My co-worker recently stumbled upon Cmder. It’s a replacement for the default command prompt in Windows. Cmder itself is based on ConEmu, but has some extra features and is much better looking. One of the integrated tools is git, tail, grep, etc. It has other things as well, but this is one tools that I used most.


I have been trying to integrate it with TotalCommander in order to completely replace the default cmd. I was successful to a certain point. By following the next steps, you will add a button to TotalCommander. When pressed, it opens a new window of Cmder with the current path. Its okay, but I still need to figure out how to do the same by typing cmd in command line.

Download Cmder, extract it somewhere and put its path to the environmental variables. That way you can run Cmder from anywhere (make sure it works before continuing). In Cmder folder, find the map vendor and edit init.bat. Scroll down to the end and paste¬†cd “%p%” > nul. This command tells cmder to cd to the directory saved in the %p% argument. All output is sent to nul.

On top of TotalCommander (below Start) right click and select Change. Click add and add %p to the parameters field. For command type in cmder. If you want, you can also add Cmder icon by clicking on >> next to icon field. Navigate to Cmder folder and click on exe file. That’s it, you are done. Test by clicking the newly created icon and see where it takes you.