I got the idea for this app after returning home from donating blood at the city hospital. The main idea behind it is to encourage others to try out donating their blood, to tell them that it’s not hard at all.

daruj kri

The main screen consists of four buttons. By using the first one, the user gets parsed data from www.daruj-kri.si. This data contains all of the upcoming places for donating blood. Should the user click on one of these items, a new screen will be displayed. It will display a map with the approximate location for donating blood.

The second button has a similar functionality. But it does not connect to the Internet, because it contains static information for hospitals where one can always donate blood at certain periods. Because the address is precise, the location shown on the map is more accurate.

Next button displays the current stock of blood. The app connects to the official webpage and parses out the current stock values. If there is a shortage of a specific blood type, the test tube starts to flash. The user is then notified, that his blood type stock is low and is told, where is the nearest donation location.

The last button is meant to remind the user to donate blood again. After 3 or 4 months have passed, the user will get a notification, saying that he can donate blood again. If another months passes, the last notification will be displayed.

Hopefully this app will be of use to regular donors, because they will always be informed about the latest blood donations. But more importantly, it might convince others to become donors!

Sample pictures:

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