There are loads and loads of tutorials for flashing custom ROMs to S5830 Galaxy Ace smartphone. I know, because I’ve read several of them. But there are a few main reasons for this post that has content, which already exists on lots of pages. I’m always a little bit afraid of flashing zip files from unknown sources. I never know if the ROM will be any good. I’m always afraid of botching up the flashing project. Lots of files needed for flashing are no present on hosting sites. These three reasons convinced me to write a tutorial that will contain 100% working files, the 100% correct flashing process and a really good custom ROM. All the files will remain on my Dropbox as long as I have one. This whole process has been tested myself and I can guarantee that you will not brick your phone if you follow this tutorial step by step.

If you never connected your Ace to the PC, you need to install Samsung Kies. It’s needed because it has various drivers bundled in its package. I had to install Visual C++ fix because I was getting an error concerning an dll error. Download ClockWorkMod 5, latest official firmware and Odin. Optionally you can also download root updater and Myth ROM. You will read about those two later on. Place all of these files, except the Odin package, on your SD card but do not insert it just yet.

It’s useful if your phone is charged over 50% just in case before beginning. If you press power button, volume down and home you will enter downloading mode. Fire up Odin,select OPS and find your ops file. Tick the One package option and connect your phone. Take a look at the screenshot to see how it looks when the process is finished. Double check everything and press start. Your phone will be rebooted several times, but do not worry.tutorial

Congrats, you have the most recent official firmware for this phone. If you want reliability and stability, stop here. But if you want some extra space and other cool features, then install a custom ROM. I recommend Myth ROM mod. The rest of the steps are not hard to follow so do not be afraid to keep reading. Power off phone, press power and hold it with home button. When the screen appears, stop holding the power button but keep pressing home button. Welcome to stock recovery mode. First you will install ClockWork Mod 5 that will replace the current recovery that you see. Select apply update from sdcard. Select upd_1 which will give you root access. Repeat the process but this time choose  Clockworkmod package. Reboot and return to the new and improved recovery mode. Navigate to Advanced, Partition, select at least 1024 (if your SD card has such space) and 32 for swap space. Now you can install the ROM. Run it the same way you ran upd_1. You will be presented with a really nice installation process. Select such options as you see fit. Select reboot and wait for the system to boot. It will take a several minutes for first boot but it is worth the wait! That is all, enjoy your your Galaxy Ace on steroids.