Who does not enjoy a good read? I for one really enjoy a good story packed in between two covers. Lately I have been buying books online, because they are a bit cheaper and there is a wide variety to choose from. I would recommend two providers – Bookdepository and Betterworldbooks.

Books ordered from Bookdepository are always a few euros cheaper than your local bookstore. They always arrive in a neatly packed package and the delivery is very fast. They are located in Great Britain, they usually arrive at my address in a week or so. Thanks to them, I’m expanding my Dan Simmons collection, not to mention the Game of Thrones saga. A book I ordered a few months ago came with some smudges and was a damaged a bit. My complaint was solved without any problems after providing them with a picture of the book. They were really nice and decided to gift me the book. I will definitively order from them again.

Betterworldbooks offers used books for specially low prices. Most of these books come from closed libraries around the world. They are a bit used, but you always know what you are buying. The state of each book is described from almost untouched to very used. The prices vary accordingly. But the best part is – for each book you buy, they donate one to Africa. So in a way, you are helping a bit to cure illiteracy in Africa. Their delivery time is a bit longer, because they are located over the Atlantic, but it is worth the wait.

And here is a special pro tip for you, dear reader. Bookdepository calculates the shipping costs depending from your location and adds it to the book price. Lets use the Carrion Comfort book for an example. If I order it without any proxies it costs me around 9 €. But if I use a UK based proxy, it is a bit cheaper – 8€. Nothing much, but other books might be even a bit cheaper. online book ordering


I would recommend both websites. Before buying, I usually check Betterworldbooks first and then compare the prices with Bookdepository. Sometimes you can get a really good deal. Enjoy your reading in the summer!