Creating Raspberry Pi backups is extremely important, have you backed up your Raspberry Pi lately? No? Well, that are you waiting for! I admit, I have messed up my Raspbian system several times and had to start fresh. It was not a problem in the beginning¬†because I was able to learn lots of new things. As time went on, my Pi had more and more features (security camera, web server, flight radar, Raspberry Pi Weather station, etc). It would take a really long time to set everything again. That’s why it’s really important to do regular backups.

Everyone recommends that you use Win32 disk manager. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great tool for making backups. Some time ago I had bought a new SD card, and tried to restore the image, created by Win32 disk manager. It did not work, because the SD cards were not exactly the same size, although both were marked as 32GB cards. I got a message “Not enough disk space”. The second disadvantage is the image size, which is exactly the same as the SD card.

paragon backup

The solution is: Paragon Backup and recovery free. The free version does exactly what is needed. With it you can create incremental versions of the SD card. The file size is greatly reduced, in my case from 32GB to 8GB! The best thing – this backup can be restored to any SD card. Once a month I power down my Pi and replace the SD card with an old backup. That way I get very little down time. Meanwhile, Paragon takes care of creating a new backup. The files for your Raspberry Pi backup are neatly arranged in a specified folder. After the original SD card is inserted into its place, I immediately restore the created backup to my second SD card.

Granted, the process has a few extra steps compared to Win32 disk manager. But the extra clicks are worth it, the process itself is so simple and straightforward that I’m not even going to write a detailed how-to with loads of screenshots. Install it and give it a go, you will never look back!