After finding out about Raspberry PI and its capabilities I decided to start a new project. My goal was to create a personal weather station that can read the humidity and temperature. In the end I wanted to share the process of creating such a device with anyone interested. If you visit you will be able to see the whole project.

The website is hosted on the Raspberry PI that is running the Raspbian distro. The device itself is packed away in an waterproof Tupperware case and is doing its work outside. The readings are collected every 30 minutes via DHT22 or DS18B20. Values are saved in the local MySQL database. Raspberry Weather does a decent job with hosting the WordPress site, the speed is increased with a little bit of caching help.

LOGO 5 napisBELA

I have also created a WordPress plugin that connects to the database and displays the recorded temperature and humidity values. It still needs some tweaking, after it’s complete it will be published to Anyone that will build their own weather station will be able to display the values with the help of the free plugin.

There are still lots of improvements coming up. At the moment I am building an Android application that will connect to the weather station and display readings. Also if all goes well, the device will be capable of reading how bright the environment is. All of this is and will be free and publicly available. Hopefully the tutorials and application will be simple enough for those that are not that tech savvy.