I have just returned from a nice little vacation from Sardinia. The tourist season does not start until June, so the timing was great. There were almost no people, no crowds at sights and the parking meters were also not yet installed. It was pretty windy though for a few days, otherwise the weather was great.

We stayed for a week, travelling around the top half of the island, visiting major and less known sights. Thanks to my personal travel guide and her copy of Lonely planet book, we had no problems navigating and deciding on which places to see. In some aspects, Sardinia is similar to Slovenia. In an hour or two, you can go from a nice beach to a pretty high mountain or a canyon. Lots of options for different people – biking, hiking, swimming, kiting or laying about on beaches.

We stayed at several hotels/hostels. All of them were booked via booking.com, which is a really good site for finding places to stay. One of our hosts gave us a nice tip for saving money when booking places. The site booking.com takes around 15% provision, so the prices are a bit higher than usually. The site displays all possible contacts, so if you contact the providers directly you can avoid booking.com and save some money.

A few pictures are available on my Google+ album.