How to solder Adafruit Pi Cobbler Kit

I have recently received my Adafruit Pi Cobbler kit, which I will be using for an upcoming project of mine. The pieces themselves might look intimidating to some people, but the whole process is pretty simple and beginner friendly. That is why I decided to write a “How to solder Adafruit Pi Cobbler Kit”.Unpack all of the items from the bags, start by removing the one black long “stick” – these are the header pins. Break it in two 13 pin pieces. There were a few extra pins left in my case, but do not worry about them. Place them somewhere on the protoboard, anywhere will do.

2013-07-01 18.08.43


Next off, prepare the PCB and the ribbon case socket. There is only one way of putting it together correctly. Make sure that the indentation is next to the number 21. In my case it was next to 21/27. Yup, just like in the red circle in the image below. Meanwhile, turn your solder iron on, so it gets nice an hot.

2013-07-01 18.09.20

Now the fun part. Turn the whole piece around, so you see the pins that need to be soldered. Go on, start soldering. I recommend using a less thick solder iron that I was using, because it’s much easier to solder.

2013-07-01 18.09.42

After that, take the protoboard from the first step. Place the newly soldered item on the pins. It does not matter which way you put them on. In the final step, solder these pins together and you are nearly done.

2013-07-01 18.29.06

For the final step, connect the Pi Cobbler with the ribbon cable and you are done! It was not that hard, right?