Back to Ireland

We’ve just returned from our second trip to Ireland. Last year was great, but we felt that we missed so many things that we just had to return. The return trip was twice as long and just great! I can’t drive on the left, so my girlfriend drove me more than 3000 kilometers around the whole island.

This time, we’ve seen almost all the best attractions, ranging from scenery landscapes and castles to old cities. There were so many things to see and do, but I probably most enjoyed the Bogside history tours. Our guide Paul has been living in Derry his whole life and had seen the Troubles first hand. Sadly, his father was one of the people murdered in Bloody Sunday. He took us on a walk through Derry and explained the meanings of beautiful murals, pointed out where innocent protesters were shot and answered all our questions. Sad story but well worth hearing it told by Paul. A must do if you’re in Derry!

I’ve been in several museums, but Cobh Titanic Museum is a bit different. You get a ticket from a real passenger that boarded the Titanic. It displays the person’s name, class and other details. Then they take you on a tour and tell you lots of unknown facts. All the time you’re wondering – what happened to my passenger? Well, in the end, you can see for yourself. By typing in your passenger’s name, you see if this person was able to get out alive or not.

The nicest surprise was Smithwicks brewery in Kilkenny. I was not expecting such a nice guided tour and I did not think I’d fall for their beer. Their tour has a hologram of sorts, that explains how the brewery started. It’s first owner John Smithwick was not allowed to own a company, so he had to get help from an Englishman who officially owned the brewery. Several decades later the laws changed and his one of his descendants could finally officially own the brewery. I just hope I can get a hold of some Smithwicks Red here in Slovenia. Great stuff!

I skipped loads of other sights that we visited like Cork Gaol, Newgrange, Dublin Gaol and many many many others. You just have to go see for yourself!