Lenovo G770 Radeon 6650M drivers

Recently I have bought myself a new laptop – Lenovo G770. Of course first thing I did was to completely reinstall Windows 7, to start fresh without the Lenovo bloatware. All went well, until I tried installing the drivers for the graphics card. I tried downloading it from the official homepage, but without any luck. Their tool that detects the graphics card and gives you the correct driver, could not recognize the card!

The drivers from the Lenovo website are a few years old! I tried running a few games and the performance was really lousy. There is a way to mend this problem. This short how-to is written for those with a clean install. If you already have the default drivers installed, there is a way of uninstalling them, but it’s not that reliable. I would recommend, that you start fresh. There has to be many people with similar problems, so here is a quick tip on solving this problem. If you’re running a clean installation of Windows, make sure your have  Visual C++ 2012 runtime installed. Otherwise you might get an “AMD Catalyst Install Manager fail Application Install: install package failure!” error.

First off, you need to download the Unifl driver. This great tool will take care of your graphics related problems. After it’s downloaded, install it. If you are prompted to install a prerequisite, do that and wait for the computer to restart itself. After that, re-run the setup and click next. Make sure you select the modern option, just like in the screenshot. When this process is finished, you can now install the latest drivers. Unifl driver will take care of that also, just check the Launch AMD installation option. Follow the install procedure, if you get prompted about unsigned drivers, you can confirm it. After a reboot, you are done. Neat, huh?

lenovo g770