Annoying a Reddit user

I’ve bought some digital goods on a suspicious subreddit. I forgot the old saying If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. I ended up with a few dollars short, the seller stopped replying and completely ignored me. But that did not stop him from selling/scamming other people. At first, I wanted to forget about it and never repeat the same mistake again. But when I saw posts from other people, complaining that they were scammed, I quickly wrote a small python script. It’s far from pretty but it gets the job done.

Clone the script with git clone After an initial configuration, the script will keep an eye out on the scammer. After he posts a comment or starts a new thread, the script will comment on it. Use a VPS, a Raspberry Pi or your own computer – just put the script in cron and run it every 10 minutes or so.

That way, other users will be warned to avoid purchasing anything. I will never get my money back, but I might help others from repeating my mistake. It will also annoy the hell out of the scammer. He or she will probably register a new account sooner or later. Just update the script accordingly and you can resume harassing him.

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