Vacation in Valencia

Another travel related blog post. This year truly is full of different travels. We have never been to Spain and decided to wait for the season to end and visit Valencia, which is the third biggest city in Spain. Let me tell you, waiting was worth it! The prices were much lower and there were almost no tourists. Luckily the weather was more than fine. We had to change our clothes the first thing after landing. It was around 25-30 degrees for the whole week. It rained only once and it quickly stopped.

We stayed in the 50 Flats hotel, where we had a whole apartment to ourselves. The hotel was really nice and the staff exceptionally kind and helpful. City center is pretty close so we made most of our trips on foot. Valencia is filled with lovely alleyways that are decorated with ceramics and graffiti. These street paintings are not the kind we are used to seeing back home, but are much more artistic. Some are painted on the shop entrances and usually represent the store. Making long walks is really easy, because there is always something to see. One of the funnier things are wires on buildings, they usually hang down and do not look too safe. It’s probably because these buildings are really old and that makes it difficult to do the wiring.

The city of arts and science is something totally different, you cannot get more modern and futuristic buildings that this. There we purchased a combined ticket for 3 museums – science, imax cinema an Oceanographic. It was well worth the money, especially because of Oceanographic. The animals there are really something one needs to see. The most popular part of Oceanographic is the underwater tunnel. There are two of them and they are truly a must see. Its really nice to see all those fishes swim around you and above your head.


All in all, Valencia is a really nice place to visit. Most of the attractions are available on foot. The seaside is a few kilometers away from the city center, but the bus is not that expensive – 1,5€ in one way. The beach has really clean sand which was also a pleasant surprise. The Albufera lake was a bit of a letdown. Sadly the road next to it obscures most of the view to the lake. There is only one spot (at least one that I saw) that offers a nice view. But the city next to it is the starting place of paella dish. In the end it was worth the trip. Definitively a memorable vacation!