Visiting Stockholm

I was invited to visit Stockholm by my girlfriend and her schoolmates. They are studying Industrial Design and Stockholm hosted the very renown Design Week. They organized pretty much everything so I did not think twice before joining them. The trip to Budapest was very fun thanks to my walkie talkies, which helped revealing the true entertainers in our group.

Before landing I half expected near arctic temperatures and heaps of snow. Luckily the temperatures were about the same as home and they even had less snow that we did at that time. We stayed at a nice hostel and met some interesting random people. We did not have that much time to explore the city during the first night, but we did so on the next two days. Surprisingly to me, the Stockholm furniture and light fair was really interesting because they had some interesting technology and various products. They even had the sound station chair Beatnik which was made in Slovenia. I did see some similar chairs on the same fair, but they were not as good haha.

On the very last day, we mostly walked around and visited one of the most popular museums in Stockholm – Vasa museum. It really is impressive, with all of the models, digital projections and original ship parts. Sadly we were there  only for three hours, but it felt like only one has actually passed. Otherwise the city is pretty impressive with all its near futuristic buildings. People are really nice too, the cashier event gifted me one of his Snus baggie. That was also a fun experience, but more of that at some other time. The trip was pretty short but very enjoyable! Especially thanks to the people in our group.

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