Val202 radio station can now be listened live via stream with its own application, anywhere  and any time. The stream is for the national radio named Val202. Because of its high quality it takes a few seconds to load on mobile phones. After that, you can enjoy different songs, unlike from the other radio stations that repeat the music over and over again. The new version has several features, ranging from daily schedule to audio recording.


With recording one can record everything that is being played at the time. The recordings are saved in on the SD card if it is present. Otherwise internal memory is used. If the user really likes the song that is being played at the moment, he can share it on Facebook. After a press of a button, a predefined message is shown in a dialog. This message contains the name of the selected song. The message also contains the link to the youtube video for this specific song. The user can add a line or two himself before publishing it. The center of the app displays the song that is being played at the moment. Users scan scroll left or right to get the previous and next song. This information is parsed from the official XML every five seconds.


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