I’ve never really built a proper e-commerce website before, so I was quite eager to accept this task. The website niche is selling handmade jewelry. The jewelry itself is designed in CAD and then 3D printed. The goldsmith then takes over and does his magic. The English version – https://www.zmayjewelry.com and Slovene version – https://www.zmay.si.

Because I’m a big fan of WordPress, I’ve decided to use WooCommerce. Apparently, this plugin is so popular that approximately 42% e-commerce sites run it and now Zmay is one of them. The website is running on Google Cloud platform, which I prefer over Amazon AWS.

After quite a lot of trial and error, these sites/plugins are worth investing  into:

  • Cloudflare.com

Immediately transfer your domain DNS to Cloudflare! It will speed up your site, make it more secure (read my blogpost, telling you how I got rid of those pesky spammers) and is totally free. Really, do it now you will not regret it. It’s also useful for the next plugin.

  • WP Rocket

Let’s admit it, WooCommerce is going to run slow with all those plugins you enabled. WP Rocket plugin is well worth the money you will be paying, as it will speed up your site tremendously. Combined with Cloudflare and KeyCDN, will get you a  really fast site. Trust me, no customer will wait 5+ seconds for the page to load.

  • KeyCDN

KeyCDN will load images, css and other stuff instead of your server. It has servers available all around the world, so the pages will load much faster regardless of your visitor location. Sign up here, first month is totally free. Combine it with WP Cache and see how fast it flies! Configuration is quite easy, because you’re using Cloudflare and WP Cache.

  • Braintree For WooCommerce

You need to process those payments, right? I paid for this plugin, then it became free. It was still worth it, because it’s really simple to set up and their support is stellar. Verification can take up to 14 days and you’ll have to jump through some hoops but in the end it’s worth it.

Honorary plugin mentions: WooCommerce Flip Product Image, WooCommerce Load More Products, WPML and Yoast SEO. Each of them is really good, but their usage depends on your use case.